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About us

A magnificent terrace where you can relax and immerse yourself in the approaching morning of a new and wonderful day in the atmosphere of Kabak daily life, your comfortable area where you can enjoy your own pool, read a book, lie on the sun lounger and sunbathe awaits you. They are ideal resting facilities for our valued guests who want to experience the pleasure of the smell of wood in a peaceful and quiet environment where they coexist.


Located in Kabak Valley, Reflections Camp is one of the oldest camps in the valley. We are in the perfect location, at least 100 meters from other clusters of camps with stunning views of both the sea and the high mountains. In the middle of a forest filled with pine, Carob and Manzanita trees, thyme, lilac and wildflowers, only seven minutes from the beach through the olive groves of Kabak Valley. is within walking distance. Reflections Camp makes a difference with its blend of nature with do-it-yourself architecture, individual artistic creations, villas, bungalow houses and Kabak's most beautiful tent area, comfortable ambiance and friendly team. It is also preparing to host many international events.


Breakfast and Dinner

We have breakfast and dinner service in bungalows and stone house. Our tent guests can also benefit from this service if they wish.

Yoga and Detox

We invite you to the Yoga and Detox camp in the most beautiful bay of Fethiye.

Dates: 6-7-8 October 2023.

Special Group Events

Whether you come with your group or join a group.

Identify the activities you want to perform at any time of the year and contact us.

Follow us and sign up for our upcoming events.

Take the opportunity to develop communication and social skills and share experiences in an international environment.

We support your personal development, including green skills and creative thinking, while practicing activities in nature.